Are you ready for your transformation?
Accept Challenge

Be authentic

Be clear

Be memorable

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Make it count. 

Whether you’re making critical presentations, introducing yourself in important meetings, or participating in networking events (virtual or otherwise), please make the first words that exit your mouth clear, concise, and utterly, uniquely you. 

Transform Your Personal Brand with One 90-Minute Super-Session

Designed with you in mind

Our one-on-one Pitch Yourself Makeover Challenge crafting session will surface and refine your unique personal and professional story.

Fast and effective

The challenge isn’t a days-long workshop. In just 90 minutes, you’ll walk away with your brand-new bio. 


With your 250-word story polished and ready to be told, you’ll feel more confident than ever before, ready to communicate your most important asset — yourself.

Suck no more!

Why should you trust your most important asset to BeSkilled?

Because we built our name producing more than 500 innovation-challenge events for clients ranging from Cisco to the National Science Foundation, from The Walt Disney Company to the U.S. Department of Energy. In other words, we’ve spent the past 15 years witnessing thousands of people pitch themselves and the ideas they’re most passionate about. Those who pitch effectively win. Those who don’t tend to go home wondering where they went wrong. We felt compelled to do something about this — to help people be their own best spokespeople.

How it Works

Wake Up

Accept the challenge and commit to sucking no more.

Warm Up

Engage in quick self-discovery activities.

Work Out

Collaborate with our coach on crafting your new you.

Why Bother?

At BeSkilled, we know that you want to be successful. In order to be successful, you need to stand out. The problem is that your current bio sucks, which makes you feel invisible. We believe that everyone needs to communicate their most important asset — themselves — as effectively as possible. We understand your struggle, and we know that time is of the essence, which is why we’ve created a proven method for transforming your bio and your online presence with one virtual, 90-minute Pitch Yourself Makeover Challenge. 

Quick Clip: Observe the Pitch Yourself Makeover Challenge experience!

And now for a few words from professionals who’ve completed our workout . . .

“I’ve had bios done before, but a lot of it was bullshit. But [the Pitch Yourself Makeover Challenge] isn’t traditional and boring. It’s so refreshing, it’s almost motivating — and my finished bio is just so accurately me. It portrays me truthfully, and while it highlights some of my career accomplishments, they’re embedded within the larger narrative of my life. I get a sense of pride reading it out loud. I’m proud of my character, how I approach my work, where I get my satisfaction — and, generally, of how I’m portrayed by my new bio. Ultimately, my confidence in sharing my story has grown as a result.”
— Jerad Meyer, Senior Director of Development at University of Wisconsin Foundation

“One of the most overlooked aspects in people’s professional lives is personal branding. As professionals, we have a tendency of allowing ourselves to be defined by our roles, instead of what we bring to our roles. That’s where a lot of us are falling short. I realize that I’ve been doing this as well. I’ve held myself back by not believing in myself and thinking that the key to access lies outside of me. The truth is it’s been with me all along, and [the Pitch Yourself Makeover Challenge] has made me feel greater about myself. I realize how much more I bring to the table, and I want to bring that energy to an organization, because I realize how valuable it is.” 

— Chengetai Rukanzakanza, Account Manager - Direct Hire at Collabera Inc.

“When you’ve been in the workforce for 20 years, you get used to talking about yourself in terms of methodologies, systems, and keywords. The Pitch Yourself Makeover Challenge gave me more confidence to talk about who I am as a person and what’s shaped me into the professional that I am today. A lot of what’s in my new bio actually comes up in conversations, and I use that material to elevate the dialogue, focusing on the importance of the well-rounded individual behind the methodologies. Ultimately, my bio has made me feel validated.”
— Mike Wagner, C-Suite Executive

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